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Mélusine Launch - FAQUpdated 4 months ago

#1. What is Mélusine?

Mélusine is the sister company of world renowned genre film preservationists and distributors, Vinegar Syndrome and is the premier home for the sexier side of exploitation cinema. From the earliest days of nudie cuties all the way through the last gasps of big budget theatrical hardcore, our ever expanding catalog of hundreds of acclaimed, classic, rare, under-seen, forgotten, and soon to be rediscovered feature films presents the widest and most diverse selection of X-rated entertainment available anywhere on disc. All of our releases are meticulously restored from the best available film elements, most often their original camera negatives, and come packaged in Vinegar Syndrome's unparalleled high quality packaging.

#2. Why remove the sexploitation & "adult" titles from VinegarSyndrome.com?

By separating these films, we will not only be able to streamline the checkout process on the VS website, we will also be more than doubling the number of sex films released on home video, including adding more diverse film selections into the mix.

#3. Can I place orders on both sites and combine shipping?

Yes! Place your order on the VS site as normal, then select the free "Add to my Vinegar Syndrome order" shipping option on the Mélusine site. Please Note: We will NOT have a free shipping option to combine a Vinegar Syndrome order with an existing Mélusine order, so if you plan on ordering off both sites, please do so on Vinegar Syndrome first. 

#4. I'm a current VS Subscriber, what do I need to know?

Everything will pretty much remain the same. You will continue to receive your exclusive 50% off SRP discounts on titles that are released during your Subscribership, as well as receive free shipping on all orders placed on Melusine.com.

#5. Will I need to create a Mélusine account?

Yes! If you have an existing account with Vinegar Syndrome you will automatically be sent an email with a Mélusine account activation link. Note: Please be sure that all account details match for each site (email, primary shipping address, etc).

#6. Will VS branded sex titles be discontinued?

Hardcore, and some soft, titles that were released with the VS branding (inclusive of all older Peekarama titles, standalone releases, and some Drive-In Collection films) will be phased out. For example: once a sex film with a VS catalog number sells out, its VS edition will be OOP. Select titles will eventually be re-pressed on the new site. Due to this, all VS branded sex titles are currently 50% off SRP.

#7. What studios and brands will be featured?

In addition to increasing our hardcore and sexploitation output, several other labels will be joining this new website.

Mélusine will serve as the flagship brand, will offer deluxe 4K UHD/Blu-ray editions of some of the landmark works in hardcore theatrical features, with an emphasis on works by the genre’s most acclaimed filmmakers.

Quality X, the name of which pays homage to what was one of the most esteemed early home video distributors of erotic entertainment, will offer single film Blu-ray editions of standout and hidden gem theatrical hardcore features from around the globe.

Distribpix will be home to all things sexploitation, pulling from both Vinegar Syndrome and Distribpix’ vast libraries and ranging from the earliest nudie cuties all the way through the tail end of theatrical softcore. Releases will be single, double and triple feature Blu-rays.

Peekarama will continue to offer double feature Blu-rays of hardcore features of all types.

Command Cinema, AGFA, Pulse Video and several others will be featured as well.

#8. Can I earn and redeem VS Media Club points on the Mélusine website?

Yes! VSMC points will be earned and redeemable on both sites. Exclusive Mélusine rewards products will be added in the coming months. If you would like to redeem points for VSMC products, please do so on VinegarSyndrome.com. Please NoteCustomers will NOT see the accumulation of all their Vinegar Syndrome and Mélusine points under their account at launch. Eventually points will be shared on both sites.

#9. Can I still review products on Mélusine and receive VSMC points?

Yes! We hope to have the same system up and running on Mélusine where customers will be asked to review products they have purchased.

#10. Will Order Stacking be available on Mélusine?

Yes! Order Stacking will work the same as it does on Vinegar Syndrome. Please reference our Order Stacking FAQ for more information.

#11. I have a specific question that was not answered here.

Contact us via our Help Center or send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.

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