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Product Reviews - FAQUpdated a year ago

How can I review a product?

Keep an eye out for a review request email from a past purchase. Simply fill out the form and submit your review.

Who is eligible to submit a review?

Customers who have placed an order with us for eligible products since the beginning of 2023 will be receiving an email to review their purchase(s).

Can I choose what to review? 

The review request email will highlight one product from your order to review. However, after submitting the initial review, you will be prompted to review multiple products that were part of the same order.

What's the point of reviewing products?

We encourage customers to leave reviews to help grow the knowledge and awareness of our products, while also giving new visitors the ability to get a better idea of what our products are all about. Plus, every verified / eligible reviewer will receive VSMC loyalty points upon submission of each review!

How do I get VSMC points for reviews?

You must be a Vinegar Syndrome Media Club member in order to receive points for reviews. Points are only granted for reviews from past purchases, so they must be verified reviews. Here is a breakdown of points earning:

  • Each verified / published review = 50 points
  • Add a photo = 25 points
  • Add a video = 25 points

Should I be reviewing on the product itself or the content of the movie?

All reviews are encouraged and welcome! Whether you would like to leave a review on the movie itself, about the packaging of the product, the quality of the transfer or the way it was shipped - that is up to you! We just ask to keep all of the above in mind when leaving a review.

Can I review Mélusine's website/customer experience?

Yes! You will be prompted to leave a site review after filling out the form for a product review.

Who can see my review?

As long as the review makes it through the publication process, anyone will be able to see the review while browsing products on the website.

I made a mistake and need to change my review. What now?

Please contact us and we can send out a re-review request.

Important Notes:

  • Please only review products from the review request email
  • Reviews cannot be simple, one word responses
  • Reviews must be relevant to the product being reviewed
  • We reserve the right to reject any reviews or photos/videos that don't fall under the acceptable criteria
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